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CENTRES OF COMPETENCE are structured public-private sector collaborations aimed at bridging the gap between demand and supply of specialized innovation and technology transfer services in one or more chain values.

The primary goal of the Action is to support comprehensive` plans for the establishment and operation of CENTRES of COMPETENCE, which will be provided with the necessary infrastructure and know-how and will seek to support innovation in sectors of the Greek economy through specialized/innovative services/products and technology transfer to enterprises, mainly SME.

Objectives of the Action include:

  • Promoting innovation in domestic entrepreneurship; shared use of infrastructures and equipment; knowledge and know-how exchange; networking; information dissemination; and collaboration between enterprises and other organizations/bodies within the Competence Centre;
  • Encouraging transfer of technological solutions and innovations to production processes including for the development/offer of products/services resulting from the development, uptake and diffusion of new technologies in enterprises, in order to improve their competitiveness;
  • Steering enterprises towards high added-value products and services; exploiting competitive advantages; and promoting an outward-oriented entrepreneurship;
  • Training enterprises in order to master new skills in the industry sector (with an emphasis on Industry 4.0), which are necessary to the implementation of new technologies, both online/in the classroom and in actual/pilot production conditions; contributing to the technological and digital transformation of enterprises

The total public financial contribution to the Action is estimated at € 30 million.