Defining and implementing a national policy for research, technological development and innovation is a fundamental government obligation. It encompasses all actions aimed at promoting, in a concerted and efficient manner, basic and applied research, technology and innovation in Greece, shaping future options and foreseeing the resources required to accomplish these objectives (according to Article 4 of Law 4310/2014 as amended and in force).

The National Strategy for Research, Technological Development and Innovation (National RTDI Strategy) sets out the country’s strategy in these sectors. The National RTDI Strategy refers to a period of seven (7) years or to the duration of one (1) programming period. The General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI) is the lead coordinating institution for developing the National RTDI Strategy. In this context, it conducts extensive consultations and closely cooperates with co-competent Ministries, the NCRTI, as well as with scientific community, business sector and social and economic partner representatives.