As part of the development of a new strategy to further support and upgrade National Research Infrastructures (NRIs) for the 2021-2027 period, including updating of the Multiannual Budgeting Plan (MBP) 2014-2020, the GSRI sought assistance from the Policy Support Facility (PSF) at the DG for Research and Innovation in June 2021. The PSF contribution involved an independent review of the 28 research infrastructures covered by the MBP and financed under the “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Operational Programme (OP) (EPAnEK) 2014-2020, with a view to contributing to the reforms necessary for strengthening the Greek research and innovation system including through enhanced international visibility and competitiveness of research infrastructures (RIs). This review was commissioned to a panel of internationally-renowned, highly-respected experts and focused on the three following pillars:

  1. Research infrastructures (RIs) governance and management efficiency
    Assessment of the policy for the development, operation and viability of research infrastructures.
    2. National Framework for Research Infrastructures
    • Institutional framework assessment, including formulation of recommendations for measures and for the creation of appropriate mechanisms to efficiently support their future viability
    • Potential for further development of common processes and tools in relation to intellectual and industrial property, optimal use of human resources, policy assessment, public procurement, creation and development of spin-offs an startups, technology parks, etc.
    3. Exploring potential synergies between the strategy to support RIs and the national Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) to ensure alignment of their objectives.

Τhe review resulted in a Final Report comprising a set of recommendations seeking to optimize operation and efficiency of RIs during the 2021-2027 period by introducing a long-term viability model promoting scientific excellence while simultaneously helping address socioeconomic challenges. In addition, based on the work carried out by the PSF, a background text  was prepared comprising key information on the 28 RIs and the Greek research and innovation ecosystem at large.

Recommendations are in line with the new “Competitiveness” OP which comprises a financing action for RIs, as well as with the Recovery and Resilience Facility which provides financial support for the upgrading of GSRI-supervised RIs, including Centers related to RIs, and for participation in European and international cooperation initiatives. Furthermore, PSF recommendations guide, in a targeted manner, stakeholders towards international good practices and guidelines developed by the European Commission.

The Commission Final Report, the expert recommendations as well as the subsequent steps for the development of the new 2021-2027 Strategy were presented at an event held by the GSRI at the NCSR “Demokritos” auditorium on Friday, October 7th 2022.