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The Call is extended until September 15, 2023.


The EU missions that are a novelty of Horizon Europe started in September 2021. These are high-profile initiatives, rooted in research and innovation, which aim to deliver a transformative impact on society, the economy and the environment by addressing the challenges faced by European citizens. The missions provide a clear objective to measure success and a systemic approach combining, for example, new knowledge and technology with innovations in business, economics, regulation, forms of governance, skills and social aspects. The New European Bauhaus (NEB) is an initiative of the European Commission to make neighborhoods sustainable, inclusive and beautiful, leading to a better quality of life for citizens It seeks to take care of the needs of the planet, leaving no one behind and making the most of European culture and respecting cultural diversity.

The New European Bauhaus initiative aims to develop a creative and interdisciplinary movement that connects the European Green Deal with the daily lives of EU citizens. The initiative is co-designed through the direct involvement of citizens, experts, businesses and institutions and aims to: make tomorrow’s life more accessible and affordable:

to mobilise designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students and creative minds from different disciplines to redefine sustainable living; improve the quality of life of EU citizens; provide financial support to innovative ideas and products through ad-hoc calls for proposals and coordinated programmes.

By building bridges between actors from different backgrounds and disciplines and leveraging participation at all levels, the New European Bauhaus inspires a movement to facilitate and guide the transformation of our societies according to three inseparable values: 1. sustainability, from climate goals to circularity, zero pollution and biodiversity 2. inclusiveness, from highlighting the value of diversity to ensuring accessibility and affordability 3. aesthetics and quality of experience for people, through design, positive emotions and cultural benefits.

After two years of piloting, the initiative has made significant progress: it has its own Community with more than 1,000 members active across Europe and beyond, an ‘advisory’ group made up of notable personalities in the world of architecture, culture, design and sustainability. and inspires a range of bottom-up projects and initiatives that In order to complete the mission implementation plan, to be evaluated later this year, and following the same process as existing missions, the preparatory phase for the candidate sixth mission includes the creation of governance structures for the proposed New European Bauhaus Mission.

The European Commission invites experts to join the Mission Board to manage the new Horizon Europe mission. The main responsibility of this expert advisory group will be to provide guidance to the Commission on the development of the possible New NEB Mission, proposed by the Commission on 19 July 2023.

The team, composed of people from different scientific disciplines, will have the task of collecting information on the planning of the proposed mission, describing its objectives, defining relevant indicators and setting appropriate timetables. In addition, the Mission Board will provide advice on the research and innovation (R&I) content needed to achieve the objectives of the proposed mission taking into account the contribution of stakeholders, citizens and the promotion of investments related to the New European Bauhaus.

The European Commission has announced the call for applications for the proposed New European Bauhaus Mission on 31 July 2023 with a closing date of 29 August 2023 at 12.00 (CET) for applications from individuals via the following link: Applications

More information on NEB is available on the Commission’s website here.