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Greece participates with a 10-year commitment (2018-2028) in the Euro-Mediterranean Initiative for Research and Innovation (PRIMA – Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) and so far, the relevant indicators highlight the highly successful participation of Greek teams.

More specifically, based on information extracted from Section 2 of PRIMA regarding the four-year period 2018-2021, we can briefly stress the following:

During the reference period, 2018-2021, 33 projects with Greek participation involving 52 Greek beneficiaries (9 of which as coordinators) have been selected for funding. In addition, the total public expenditure amounts to €8.1 million.

Regarding the 3 thematic priorities of PRIMA, Greek participation is structured as follows:

  1. 31 beneficiaries in the field of Farming Systems
  2. 8 beneficiaries in the field of Water Management
  3. 13 beneficiaries in the field of Agro-food Value Chain

The participation of Greek entities per type, in the approved projects is analyzed as follows:

  1. 30 beneficiaries are Higher Education Institutes
  2. 12 beneficiaries emerge from Research Organizations
  3. 10 beneficiaries are Private Enterprises

The total approved Public Expenditure per thematic priority is distributed as follows:

  1. €4 million for the Farming Systems sector
  2. €5 million for the Water Management sector
  3. €2 million for the Agro-food Value Chain sector

The total approved Public Expenditure per type of entity so far, is as follows:

  1. €1 million for Higher Education institutes
  2. €1 million for Research Organizations
  3. €0.9 million for Private Enterprises.

A detailed analysis of the Greek participation per annual call, along with explanatory graphs and combined results regarding the key parameters of participation, is further developed in the relevant presentation.