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We would like to inform you that due to the low response at European level to the completion of the extensive questionnaire developed by the European Commission for the mapping of the European semiconductor value chain and the recording of the related needs, the deadline for completing the questionnaire was extended until Friday, 25/11/2022.

The response to the completion of the questionnaire by the actors active in this value chain is considered particularly important, for the design of an appropriate policy, the financing of related actions and the response to crises due to a shortage of relevant products. The participation of as many stakeholders from Greece as possible is necessary to draw safe conclusions at national level even with a partial response to the questionnaire.

For this reason, both suppliers and end-users of the semiconductor value chain are invited to participate in the consultation through the following link:

https://digitalstrategy. ec. europa. eu/en/consultations/europeansemiconductorvaluechainconsultation