NOESIS – Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum is a non-profit cultural and educational foundation that promotes the public understanding of Science and Technology, in a way that is both educational and recreational. The main objective of the Center is the popularization of modern scientific and technological knowledge and its dissemination to the public through exhibitions, movies, educational programs, seminars and lectures. The brand name of the Center intends to emphasize the connection between its operation and human “noesis”, since the intention is to make scientific knowledge available to everybody. The Center aims to become a leading attraction in the field of Science Culture and Technology not only in Greece, but in South-Eastern Europe as well. It is worth mentioning that NOESIS has been awarded from both ECITE (The European Network of Science Centers and Museums) and ASTC (Association of Science -Technology Centers) for its innovative “Welcome Refugees” program that is running since September 2016.

Moreover, NOESIS is a considerable partner in collective bodies of the field, since it is a member of the ECSITE (elected twice), ASTC and CIMUSET – ICOM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Science and Technology) Board of Directors.

In the Center’s premises visitors watch digital shows:

  • In the 160 seat digital Planetarium.
  • In the 300 seat Giant Screen Cinema (2D and 3D).
  • In the 18 seat Motion Simulator (2D and 3D).

They can also visit the Technology Museum with permanent exhibitions related to Science and Technology:

  • The Ancient Greek Technology exhibition, one of its kind, featuring replicas of technological breakthroughs and machines of Ancient Greece from the prehistoric period till the Hellenistic and Byzantine period.
  • The Technopark featuring interactive exhibits. The visitor has the opportunity to discover the scientific knowledge acting and having fun.
  • The Car Exhibition featuring car models that mark the history of automobile.

In NOESIS there are also:

  • Educational Programs, such as “Explora summer camp”, “Science in your kitchen”, “It’s in our DNA: reproducing baby dragons”, “Drones1: imaginary missions”, etc. • Birthday parties, including magic experiments and fun activities.
  • The 200 seat Conference Hall with full technological equipment, ready to host conferences and events.
  • The Temporary Exhibition Hall, a place suitable for hosting exhibitions from other museums and cultural organizations from Greece and abroad.
  • The Library with books and DVDs related to Science and Technology and computer workstations.
  • The Digital Lab, a place where multimedia productions and 3D animations can be created in-house.
  • Meetings and Discussions with members of the scientific community, in collaboration with other institutes, such as the British Council, the French Institute, etc.
  • Two, at least, large Events annually with free entrance that attract more than 5.000 people.
    The foundation also houses a Café and Restaurant with an excellent view to the city, Gift Shops selling educational books, gadgets and souvenirs.