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With the aim of maximizing the transformation of research and innovation results into solutions that benefit society, the European Commission recently issued guiding principles for knowledge valorisation. The guiding principles involve all actors in the research and innovation ecosystem, focus on connections and co-creation between actors, emphasize entrepreneurial skills and practices, and cover the full range of knowledge generated by research and innovation activities.

More detailed guidance for practitioners and stakeholders are given in the Code of Practice on intellectual assets management and a Code of Practice on standardization, which were formulated with the involvement of experts from many countries. The Commission adopted these specific Recommendations on 1 March 2023 to help putting the Guiding Principles into daily practice.

Stakeholders participating in the research and innovation ecosystem (researchers, businesses, public bodies, technology transfer agencies, private investors, society) are invited to study and make use of the Guidelines and Codes of Good Practice attached to this page.

For their wider dissemination, the European Commission organizes informative events in the capitals of countries that have expressed interest. For Greece, the relevant event is planned for November 2023 and there will be a later announcement.

More information at the following address: