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On Thursday, March 14, 2024, the Secretary General for Research and Innovation, Mr. Athanasios Kyriazis participated in an event entitled: “The Medtech Scale up journey: from research to commercialisation. Opportunities for UK-Greece Collaboration”, organized by the Economic & Commercial Affairs Office of the Embassy of Greece in London, in collaboration with the London Institute of Healthcare Engineering (LIHE), of King’s College London, at the latter’s premises.

The event, which was introduced by the Ambassador of Greece to the UK, Mr. Yannis Tsaousis and the Secretary General for Research and Innovation, Mr. Athanasios Kyriazis, was attended by sixteen speakers, in particular, representatives of LIHE, Greek founders of medical device start-ups, representatives of innovation and entrepreneurship bodies from Greece and the UK, while an audience of more than 100 start-up founders was present.  academics, investors, students and technology and healthcare professionals.

Mr. Kyriazis expressed satisfaction for his participation in the event, which promotes the vision of the General Secretariat to connect research with the business world and strengthen international collaborations. He stated the intention to restart bilateral cooperation between Greece and the UK in the fields of research and innovation, in thematic areas of common interest, which will be defined in cooperation with the British Council and within the framework of the bilateral strategic memorandum of cooperation, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the same time, he pointed out that the GSRI, together with the Directorate for Strategic Resources Management, seek to secure the necessary funding for the planning and implementation of joint actions, while encouraging any cooperation with the UK through the “Horizon Europe” Programme. Mr. Kyriazis then presented the initiatives of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology for the stimulation of start-up entrepreneurship in Greece, concerning the introduction of tax relief for scientific and research expenses, the strengthening of early-stage funding (business “angels”), as well as the action: “Support for start-ups of the National Registry “Elevate Greece” to address the Covid-19 Pandemic – Cycles A & B”.

Finally, he referred to the National Startup Awards, an initiative of the Ministry of Development and the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation, aiming to reward and promote start-up entrepreneurship and innovative products, as well as other similar programs and initiatives.

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