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During an informal video conference held today by EU Ministers for Research & Innovation, Deputy Minister of Development and Investments Mr. Christos Dimas exchanged views with his counterparts on the opportunities offered to both Europe and Greece by the Horizon Europe programme for Research and Innovation. The programme, funded with 95,5 bn €, was officially launched today for the period 2021-2027 and is expected to promote synergies with the NSRF 2021-2027 as well as the Recovery and Resilience Facility (“Next Generation EU).

Mr. Dimas presented the aspects of planning carried out by Greece with the aim of fully exploiting the Recovery and Resilience Facility funding for the benefit of the Research and Innovation field. More specifically, plans involve interventions regarding entrepreneurial innovation actions that have been awarded the Horizon Europe Seal of Excellence for supporting basic and applied research in targeted fields. Further, funding will seek to develop research infrastructures, support enterprises by covering low-profitability or loss-generating R&D expenses and provide seed funding for achieving proof of concept.

Deputy Minister Mr. Christos Dimas, a Member of the Hellenic Parliament for the region of Korinthia, made the following statement:

“The Recovery and Resilience Facility is undeniably a major opportunity to upgrade research and innovation and, as a result, improve the competitiveness and productivity of EU Member States. In order to use the Recovery and Resilience Facility funding in the best possible way, discussions are under way with the EU on, among others, funding of basic and applied research, funding of HORIZON proposals awarded with the Seal of Excellence, upgrading and extending infrastructures of research centres and introducing reforms regarding investments in research & development. Finally, we are planning a range of critical interventions concerning the innovation ecosystem in Greece”.

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