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One of the first steps for the development of the first Innovation Hub in Greece was taken today in the old facilities of the “Chropei” Factory, in the presence of the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“All major capitals have such an innovation hub and this space is the proper choice – due to its history and also due to its geography and its position. I believe that in a few years, when we compare what was here
before and what has been created, we will have every reason to be very satisfied that we initiated with such speed this emblematic effort in the field of innovation, which essentially is the bridge that our country will have to cross in order to conquer the future,” the Prime Minister said.

The establishment of the first Innovation Hub serves the transition to a different productive model and the strategic objective to boost Greek entrepreneurship. The project helps in setting the country apart as a
destination for innovation in Southeastern Europe, it strengthens employment in several fields that require specialization, thus helping to reverse the brain drain phenomenon, while at the same time it encourages the development of start-up entrepreneurship in sectors that can produce high added value.

The Prime Minister toured the area, guided by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments Christos Dimas, who pointed out that the government intends to preserve some of the typical and historical
buildings of “Chropei”, which are associated with the history of manufacturing in Greece.

The Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis, Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Nikos Papathanasis, Deputy Minister for Development and Investment Christos Dimas, Secretary
General for Research and Technology Thanasis Kyriazis, Secretary General of Private Investments and PPPs Orestis Kavalakis and the US Ambassador in Greece Geoffrey Pyatt attended the visit.

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