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The Action titled “Creation – Expansion – Upgrade of Infrastructures of Research Centers supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI) (hereinafter “the Action”) (measure ID 16624) is implemented under the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan “Greece 2.0” (hereinafter “Greece 2.0”) using EU funding (NextGenerationEU), and contributes to the general objectives set by Greece 2.0.

For information on the Recovery and Resilience Fund, please visit the National Recovery and Resilience Plan website:


Key objectives of the Action include the development of infrastructures for Greek research and technology bodies, the promotion of research and the potential uptake of its results for implementing projects characterized by high research and scientific quality. Its ultimate goal would be the strategic development and competitiveness of GSRI-supervised research and technology bodies and the achievement of a sustained high-quality work in their respective research fields.

Its main strategic priorities are the following:

  • Strengthening Greek research infrastructures;
  • Creating a favourable environment for innovation development in GSRI-supervised research and technological bodies;
  • Strengthening the position of GSRI-supervised research and technological bodies in the European and international research landscape.