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The main objective of the Single Action “Research-Create-Innovate” is to link research & innovation with entrepreneurship and improve competitiveness, productivity and outward orientation of Greek enterprises, with the purpose of achieving quality innovative entrepreneurship and increasing domestic added-value. The Action seeks to directly and efficiently channel available resources in order to promote research activities and apply innovative solutions in enterprises, especially SMEs, through a number of initiatives.

Action objectives:

  • Economic development based on knowledge and sustainable specialization;
  • Integration of new knowledge and innovation to existing and new products, services, production systems and value chains;
  • Linking of academic research with market needs and the economy.

In order to achieve the above objectives, resources and efforts should be focused on selected sectors of economic activity and fields of intervention, presenting a high potential for entrepreneurship and research excellence according to the national Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (RIS3 Strategy) at both the national and regional levels, with the purpose of contributing to the modernization, differentiation and exploitation of novel opportunities in the context of the Greek economy.

The Action aims at meeting the needs of enterprises and other entities within the research and innovation ecosystem, covering the largest possible number of potential beneficiaries. Enterprises of all sizes (small, medium and large) are eligible for support. Proposals for support under the Action may be submitted either by individual enterprises or by groups of enterprises or by business partnerships with research organizations.

To implement their plans, potential beneficiaries may combine actions considered suitable for their project from a broad range of available supported-costs falling under the following categories:

  • Conventional research & development projects (e.g. industrial research, experimental development, feasibility studies);
  • Innovation promotion projects (e.g. patent granting/validation/protection, secondment of research and knowledge transfer organization staff);
  • Support actions (e.g. participation in trade fairs, advisory services).

The Action Call for proposals (related files available at: “Call documents“) details conditions for participation, required supporting documents, submission, review/evaluation and approval procedures for funding applications, payment modalities, research project implementation monitoring and audit procedures, obligations of beneficiaries and other Action requirements, and sets out the electronic submission dates for 1st and 2nd Cycle funding applications.

The Action’s legal and regulatory framework is available at:

2014-2020 NSRF legislation

Detailed information and updates are provided by:

  • the Management and Implementation Authority for Research, Technological Development and Innovation Actions (MIA-RTDI), Unit A, 14-18 Mesogeion Ave., Athens 11510

For inquiries, interested parties should fill in the attached inquiry template and address it to:

  1. Facebook (MIA-RTDI)
  2. Linkedin (MIA-RTDI)
  3. Twitter (MIA-RTDI)

Potential beneficiaries of the Action, as well as any other interested party, can find information on the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process at: