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The INNOWIDE Project is an initiative of the Horizon Europe Partnership for Innovative SMEs/Eurostars3 co-funded by the European Union – co-funded by the European Union – Partnership for Innovative SMEs/Eurostars3, managed by the EUREKA Secretariat.

 Under the INNOWWIDE Programme, the partnership of SMEs based in the Member States of the European Union or the associated countries with the Horizon Europe Programme with a partner from Africa, North and South America, the Middle East or the Asian Pacific zone is funded. The funding is addressed only to SMEs from the European Union and the countries associated to horizon Europe, and subcontract to the partner from the selected target country is allowed.

SMEs can submit a proposal to the Innowwide Programme for a grant of up to € 60,000 for the development of feasibility studies / market research for innovative products or solutions with the aim of cooperating with experts from the selected target country. The upcoming 2022 Call is expected to fund 50 projects with up to 25 of them addressing partners from Africa

The maximum funding per project is € 60,000 and the duration per project will be 6 months. The maximum funding intensity is 70% of the above amount and therefore the total eligible cost per project must reach the amount of € 86,000. Eligible costs: staff, Eligible costs: staff, subcontracting, purchase costs (travel and subsistence, depreciation of equipment, other goods, works and services). 70% of the grant (€42,000) will be awarded at the start of the implementation. The remaining 30% (€18,000) will be disbursed upon submission and acceptance of the final report.

 Important dates


Deadlinefor submission ofproposals:15November2022



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