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The aim of the Eurostars-3 programme is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that innovate in order to grow, integrate into global value chains and penetrate new markets.  The programme is open to all thematic areas with emphasis on high TRL actions.  The programme is attended by eureka member countries EUREKA[1] represented by national funding bodies such as the GSRI.

TheconsortiumofeachproposalmusthaveaninnovativeSMEinacoordinatingrole,butitcanalsoincludeothertypesoforganizationssuchaslargecompanies,universities,researchorganizations and others.

For the participation of Greek organizations in the EUREKA-Eurostars-3 program, the GSRT has formulated national rules of participation which interested parties should take into account when preparing their proposal. The national rules for participation are available here

  • Proposalscanbe submitted fromJuly13,2022untilSeptember15,2022,15:00Greektime
  • TotalbudgetoftheGSRTfortheparticipationinthecall:000€ (nationalfunding),withafundingceiling per proposal 150.000€


Details of the 3rd Eurostars-3 call for tenders as well as the terms of participation and eligibility can be found at the following addresses:

Eurostars – 3rd call

Eurostars- 3 eligibility guidelines

You can also contact the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation/Directorate for International R&T Cooperation:

[1] 37 countries including South Korea, Canada and South Africa