BSRC Fleming is a top-ranked Greek non-profit research organisation focusing on scientific and technological excellence, innovation and training in biomedical sciences. BSRC Fleming has gained international recognition for its pioneering research towards understanding the molecular and cellular basis of human diseases, such as autoimmune disorders, cancer, neurodegenerative conditions, osteoporosis, pulmonary fibrosis and others, and the development of new approaches for their diagnosis and treatment. The Center has achieved top performance indicators of academic and research excellence.

Fleming has established state-of-the-art facilities that offer services in biomedical research to academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Greece and abroad. These facilities include an animal model unit, units of transgenesis, genomics, proteomics, flow cytometry & cell sorting, bioimaging, micro-CT, histopathology, bioinformatics, single cell analysis. The Centre has also established a Technology Transfer Office. At the same time, the Centre coordinates the national node of the ESFRI European Research Infrastructures, InfrafrontierGR/ Phenotypos and ELIXIR-GR, playing an important role in the implementation of the country’s and EU’s plans for Research.

In 2006, Fleming established the spin-off company Biomedcode Hellas SA, a highly innovative Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing full preclinical drug evaluation services to small and large pharmaceutical companies worldwide, commercializing proprietary animal models of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Fleming’s teaching activities greatly enhance its role in shaping modern biomedical research in Greece. Many undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students are supervised by Fleming Researchers, while the Centre coordinates and participates in top-notch International Master’s Programmes: Since 2016 FLEMING coordinates the International MSc program “Molecular Biomedicine – Mechanisms of Disease, Molecular and Cellular Therapies, and Bioinnovation” (ISCED 7), in collaboration with the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The Program aims to place students in the forefront of modern biomedical research and to lay the foundation for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology.  FLEMING also participates as an equal partner in the “Athens International Master’s Programme in Neurosciences” (ISCED 7) coordinated by the Biology Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

In all the years of its operation, Fleming has achieved excellent research quality indicators, reflected in the Bibliometric Analyses of Publications by the National Documentation Centre. For example, the Centre achieves consistently the highest normalized citation score in the main scientific field “Medical & Health Sciences“.

2.BSRC Fleming consists of

Institute for Fundamental Biomedical Research (IFBR)

IFBR’s mission is to foster scientific and technological excellence, and to promote the development of innovative applications in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology. The Institute’s specific focus is on unraveling the molecular and cellular basis of diseases, the development of animal models that mimic human diseases, the development of state-of-the-art technologies in biomedicine and biotechnology, and the promotion of innovation.

Institute for Bioinnovation (IBI)

The IBI aims to consolidate and develop further FLEMING’S previous achievements in innovation, demonstrated by the establishment of a successful spin-off company for preclinical evaluation of drugs and the wide-ranging activities of its Technology Transfer Office.